"Learn How to Avoid the Deadly Mistakes Most Bearded Dragon Owners Make That Shortens the Life of their Bearded Dragon and Makes them More Difficult to Handle..."

You May Be Making Serious Mistakes with Your Bearded Dragon's Care, Handling, or Habitat Setup if He/She Shows ANY of the Following Signs:

  • Has runny eyes or nostrils
  • Has a lack of energy
  • Stays hidden all day
  • Is aggressive towards people
  • Seems dull in color
  • Has trouble breathing
  • Seems panicky/stressed when held
  • Desn't notice you when you approach the cage
  • Has jerky movements
  • Desn't have an appetite
  • Desn't go to the bathroom regularly
  • Attacks or frequently scratches their cage

From: Steven Hold

Dear fellow bearded dragon enthusiast,

If you want a fun, easy to handle, and healthy bearded dragon, then you have come to the right website. Here you will learn how to avoid the common mistakes most bearded dragon owners make learn exactly how to care for your bearded dragon so they will bond closer with you and live a longer healthier life.

Introducing "The Bearded Dragon Guide"...

  • No Past Knowledge Required
    This guide was written so you can understand everything even if you've never been around a reptile before in your life.

  • This Guide Pays for Itself
    Learn money saving tips with food, tank accessories, maintenance, and more. Just a few of these tips alone can save you more money than the cost of this guide!

  • Access Anywhere
    You can easily read this guide from your computer, iPhone, Smart Phone, and Tablet; or you can print it from your computer and have a hard copy.

These bearded dragon care instructions will give you the secrets and knowledge of bearded dragon veterans and professional bearded dragon breeders so you will be able to have a healthy, energetic, and beautiful bearded dragon.


In Just A Few Moments You Will Learn...

  • How to Properly Setup a Bearded Dragon's Habitat - An improper habitat setup is not only dangerous for your bearded dragon, but it also makes them more tense and stressed.
  • How to Make Sure a Bearded Dragon is Eating Enough Food - Underfeeding bearded dragons will not only stunt their growth, but it can also make them more aggressive.
  • 6 Places You Can Get Bearded Dragons - You can even get free bearded dragons at some of these sources.
  • What Age Bearded Dragon You Should Get - See if it's better for you to get an adult or juvenile bearded dragon (both have their pros and cons).
  • What Gender Bearded Dragon You Should Get - There are differences between male and female bearded dragons and this decision may affect your setup.
  • Whether You Should Get More than One Bearded Dragon - Learn what you need and what you should expect if you get more than one beardie.
  • 10 Signs of a Healthy Bearded Dragon - Any bearded dragon that doesn't meet these 10 requirements should not be purchased.
  • 13 Signs of an Unhealthy Bearded Dragon - If you see a bearded dragon with any of these 13 signs, you should know something's wrong.
  • 4 Deadly Mistakes Many First Time Owners Make - Be sure never to make any of these mistakes as they can result in your bearded dragon's death within 24-72 hours.
  • How to Approach a New Bearded Dragon - New bearded dragons are not used to you, so you need to approach them carefully so they don't develop a negative association with your presence.
  • The Complete Checklist of Everything Your Bearded Dragon's Tank Needs - Many owners lack a few crucial items that bearded dragon's need to say healthy and stress free.
  • What to Do When You Get Home with A New Bearded Dragon - This will make getting him/her into their cage stress free a very easy process.
  • How to Read Your Bearded Dragon's Body Language - This will allow you to know your bearded dragon's mood and what he/she is thinking.
  • Where to Place Your Bearded Dragon's Cage - Putting your bearded dragon's cage in the wrong locations can stress it out and make him/her very sick.
  • How to Make Your Bearded Dragon Feel Comfortable - Learn the exact temperature and humidity levels to keep your bearded dragon healthy and comfortable.
  • All the Top Recommended Bearded Dragon Products You Should Get - See a list of the best bearded dragon brands, products, and accessories. These are the best rated products for bearded dragons by other owners and breeders.
  • A List of the Only Substrates You Should Use - Many bearded dragon owners don't realize the substrate they're using is dangerous and can shorten the life of their bearded dragon.
  • A Complete Bearded Dragon Schedule - Know when to feed, bathe, clean, and do everything else your bearded dragon requires.
  • The Complete List of Safe Insects - Get the full list of safe insects to feed your bearded dragon.
  • The Complete List of Safe Plants and Vegetables - See the nutrition values and how to prepare all the plants and vegetables that bearded dragons love eating.
  • The Complete List of Safe Fruit - Discover which fruits bearded dragons love and how often to feed them certain types of fruit.
  • Dangerous Foods to Avoid - Learn everything you should avoid feeding your bearded dragon. This list of plants, vegetables, fruit, and insects can kill healthy bearded dragons.
  • A List of the Most Common Health Issues in Bearded Dragons - Learn about the most common bearded dragon health issues, how to recognize symptoms, and when you need to take your bearded dragon to the vet.
  • How to Bathe Your Bearded Dragon - Discover the step-by-step process you should use when bathing your bearded dragon.
  • How to Breed Bearded Dragons - Learn how to tell when they are ready to be bred and what you need to do before breeding.
  • How to Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs - See incubator plans and learn what you need to do to hatch a healthy clutch of bearded dragon eggs.

Plus, You'll Also Learn...

  • How to avoid getting a bearded dragon that's too young.
  • Easy ways to estimate the age of any bearded dragon.
  • How to determine the gender of any bearded dragon.
  • How to know if you're ready for a bearded dragon.
  • How to tell if your bearded dragon's being aggressive or playful.
  • How to make sure your beardie doesn't injure himself/herself outside their cage.
  • How to clean your bearded dragon's cage without poisoning him/her.
  • How to make sure your bearded dragon is properly hydrated and how to make sure they are drinking water.
  • How to tell if a piece of food is too large for your bearded dragon.
  • How to choose the best vitamin supplements for your bearded dragon so he/she doesn't overdose on vitamins.


But That's Not All...

There's too much bearded dragon care tips, information, and techniques to be listed on this page so take a look at the screenshots below of The Bearded Dragon Guide's table of contents:

Table of Contents Page 1Table of Contents Page 2Table of Contents Page 3


So What's the BEST Way for you to Care for Your Bearded Dragon?

Even though bearded dragons are very popular and you can purchase them at many local pet stores, they are exotic animals. They cannot survive outside of a specific environment or diet. Placing them outside of their comfort zone can significantly decrease their lifespan as well as make them stressed and grumpy. So if you are serious about having a healthy bearded dragon how are you going to learn how to take care of them?

Below is how most people learn about taking care of their bearded dragon...

Learn from a Friend or Family Member that Has a Bearded Dragon
There's no doubt that you trust their suggestions and advice about bearded dragons, but you are assuming that they are well experienced with diet, care, and habitat setup for bearded dragons. Just because they have a bearded dragon, don't assume they are an expert and know how to care for one.

Get a Care Guide from Your Local Vet
Unfortunately, not every vet will have a care guide available for bearded dragon care, and those that do will only have a 1-2 page sheet that gives basic facts (these sheets will usually contain information on other reptiles too). Trust me, I know, because I have contacted hundreds of vets (403 to be exact) to provide them with free bearded dragon care guides and many of the vets told me that A) they would only accept a guide that could fit onto one sheet of paper (front and back), B) that they referred customers with questions to care websites online, or C) They didn't have enough bearded dragon clients to merit them having a guide to pass out.

Get Care Information from Free Websites Online
This is the most common option, and the chances are that you have already done this yourself. There are a lot of great websites online regarding bearded dragon care, however most of these websites are created by hobbyists and their care instructions are sometimes lacking or incomplete. This is one of the reasons why I created TheBeardedDragon.org (which is currently one of the most popular bearded dragon websites in the world), however I couldn't include too much information on the site because it would make the pages so long and technical that it would deter most people from reading the page.

Or You Can Learn the Care and Handling Techniques Experienced Bearded Dragon Owners Use by Downloading Our Step-by-Step Guide...

It doesn't take a lot of time and it's not expensive to keep your bearded dragon in 100% health and looking his or her best at all times. This same information has helped countless bearded dragon owners and it will help you too!

Our guide contains step-by-step instructions telling you exactly what you need to do and what to look for so you can know without a doubt that your bearded dragon will live a long healthy life.

In as little as 5 minutes from now you can be reading this guide and applying the techniques to your bearded dragon.

You can either print the guide or read it off your computer, iPhone, Tablet, or Smart Phone. Unlike other guides you will never lose our guide. Since it is downloaded and saved to your computer you can always print off another copy of the instructions.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee The Bearded Dragon Guide will benefit you and your bearded dragon or we will give your money back!

If you feel The Bearded Dragon guide was not worth your investment, simply contact me within 60 days and I'll issue you a full 100% refund with no questions asked!

Take Action Now & Be On Your Way to Having A Healthy, Happy, and Beautiful Bearded Dragon!

If you're ready to have a more active, loving, and stress-free bearded dragon that you can show off, then take advantage of The Bearded Dragon Guide's easy, step-by-step, risk-free solution to caring for your bearded dragon.

I 100% Guarantee that you WILL see a positive change in your bearded dragon's behavior, appearance, and/or attitude, or I will give you your money back.

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